5th International Renewable Energy Congress greenPOWER 2014!

On the 23rd and 24th of September 2014, the 5th annual International Renewable Energy Congress greenPower will be held in Warsaw University of Technology.

The International Renewable Energy Congress greenPower, organized since 2009, has gained attention and a wide group of supporters in Poland throughout Europe, due to its unconventional perspective on shaping the future of energy and in the role of innovative, distributed energy sources.

Subsequent editions have gathered over 100 speakers and panelists, along with hundreds of participants. The organizers are confident that, as in previous years, the 5th edition will be a platform for constructive and inspiring meetings of political, business and science delegates.

The organizers of the greenPower congress have decided that his year's edition will be a place for a valuable discussion about challenges in the energy market on the global and regional scale. The base topic of the conference will be the ability to ensure long term energy security due to synergy and the necessary cooperation of conventional and renewable energy. Other important issues discussed during the congress will be problem solving systems and development scenatios for the prosumer's energy.

greenPower congress is organized by the Polish Economic Chamber of Renewable Energy, the REO Foundation and the Poznań International Fair, in cooperation with Warsaw University of Technology.

PIGEO members interested in participation are requested to contact the Chamber's office.

For further information visit: http://www.kongresgreenpower.pl/,-,2.html