Postgraduate studies

PIGEOR initiated Post-Graduate Studies which prepare the future management for the sector of renewable energy sources. The first edition of the studies was launched in 2010 in cooperation with Łazarski University and the Military University of Technology in Warsaw. The studies are called ”Renewable Energy Projects – Investments and Management”. The diploma of the studies is awarded by Łazarski University in Warsaw.

The classes have a unique formula, which is rare in the case of postgraduate studies and makes them stand out among other post-graduate studies available on the market. They consist of lectures and classes given by practitioners who deal with projects using renewable energy sources on a daily basis, and laboratory classes during which everyone can thoroughly study the functioning of machinery used directly or indirectly in investments. The studies are complemented by a tour of the operating RES facilities in Poland or facilities under construction: from a wind farm to a biogas plant, a hydroelectric power station or a building equipped with heat pump installations.

The studies prepare students for project management, starting from planning, administrative, legal and financial preparation to implementation and operation stage. The advantage of the studies are many classes on project management methodology used in energy undertakings.

The studies are addressed to:

  • Those who in their professional work hold middle-management positions, manage project teams or in the future will be responsible for the realization of investment projects
  • Representatives of developer’s companies from the sector of renewable energy sources
  • Representatives of the conventional energy sector
  • Representatives of financial institutions participating in investment projects in the sector of renewable energy sources
  • Representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises cooperating in energy investments
  • Representatives of local government entities responsible for the establishment and implementation of the energy strategy
  • Others interested in broadening or acquiring practical knowledge about renewable energy sources.

For more information about the studies see attached bulletin or visit the following website of post-graduate studies: We encourage you to register as a student of the next edition.