Other activities

Other activities taken by PIGEOR for market development, with particular consideration of membership issues, in the scope of education and promotion include:

  • Preparation of a nationwide campaign promoting renewable energy sources and taking actions aimed at its implementation, in cooperation with government agencies.
  • Organisation of seminars and conferences for Polish and foreign entities interested in the Polish RES market
  • Co-organisation of and participation in an annual edition of the Green Power Fair in Poznań
  • Participation in other energy sector fairs
  • Co-organisation of an annual edition of the International Renewable Energy Congress “Green Power”
  • Organisation of workshops for members of the Chamber on elements of sector law and possibilities of investment financing
  • Initiating cooperation with national research centres in order to promote and implement national RES technologies
  • Ongoing implementation of recommendations of PIGEO’s members aimed at:
    • creating a favourable climate around RES
    • organising workshops for public officials and journalists
    • organising promotional events related to the completion of investments
    • promotion of investments – creating a suitable climate around investments
    • solving local social conflicts
    • spreading knowledge among secondary school children– knowledge competitions
    • organizing renewable energy-related events for children and young people
  • Preparing and publishing articles and trade publications.