The main objectives of the Polish Economic Chamber of Renewable and Distributed Energy include:

  • Integration of entrepreneurs operating on the market of energy from renewable sources
  • Introduction of transparent and stable regulations on the energy market in Poland
  • Introduction of a long-term and guaranteed support scheme for the producers of energy from renewable sources
  • Removal or at least reduction of barriers to the development of renewable energy sources and investments in this sector, including the launch of production activities in the sector
  • Raising social awareness of technologies using renewable sources for energy production
  • Promotion of the market and sector’s machinery, including machinery used by society
  • Increase in the production of energy from renewable sources using efficient and distributed sources
  • Increase in the diversification of energy production using wind, biomass, biogas, biofuels, water, sun, geothermal resources and heat pumps.

Accomplishment of the objectives is based on dynamic activities of the Chamber including the use of consulting and lobbying tools, and cooperation with government representatives, government and local government administration as well as organisations from Europe, educational and promotional tools and, above all, on the support of investors, producers and companies rendering services on the market of renewable energy sources.