The Polish Economic Chamber of Renewable and Distributed Energy, after over 6 years of existence on the market of renewable energy sources, has gained a position of a reliable partner for the government and the Parliament, as well as all national and foreign institutions having influence on the development of the Polish market. At present, we are an umbrella organisation for over 60 companies. The Chamber’s key achievements include the results of legislative works which led to the improvement of legal conditions for investments and business activity and to the removal of barriers. We have also managed to work out many stances, including stances common for the whole renewable energy sector. PIGEOR has conducted numerous promotional and educational campaigns. On the initiative of PIGEOR, in August 2008, the Polish Renewable Energy Coordination Council (Polska Rada Koordynacyjna Odnawialnych Źródeł Energii, PRK OZE) was founded, which unites the sector organisations acting together in key matters for the development of the market of renewable energy sources in Poland.

Selected achievements of PIGEOR’s legislative activities:

  • Participation in the amendment to the Energy Law Act of 2005, in 2009/2010 and in 2011 as well as initiatives of amendments to the Energy Law Act adjusting it to the current market reality. Particularly essential solutions include the possibility of obtaining at the same time green certificates and cogeneration quotas for the producers of electric energy in high efficiency units heated with renewable fuels.
  • The initiatives of amendments to the Regulations of the Minister of Economy on the detailed scope of obligations with respect to obtaining certificates of origin and submitting them for cancellation for the energy from renewable sources and from cogeneration.
  • An amendment to the Construction Law Act relating to the clarification of the term structure in relation to wind power stations and standardization of the taxation rules for wind power stations in the Local and Communal Tax Act.
  • An amendment to the Regulation of the Minister of Construction on marking aviation obstacles relating to wind power stations.
  • Participation in the works on the system regulation of the Minister of Economy on the balancing of wind energy.
  • The initiative of an amendment to the regulation of the Minister of Construction on acceptance for use of boilers for solid biomass in Poland.
  • Co-initiation of preparation of the development strategy for agricultural biogas plants in Poland under the following title: “Innovative Power Industry – Energy Agriculture” which was subsequently transformed into an official governmental document as “Trends of the Development of Agricultural Biogas Plants” issued in 2011
  • Amendments to two Regulations of the Minister of the Environment enabling the agricultural use of waste resulting from the production of biogas.
  • The initiative of establishing a support scheme for biogas entered into the gas network, which would be appropriate to the market conditions, in the form of so-called brown certificates.
  • The initiative of creating conditions for the development of agricultural biogas plants through legal changes stipulated in the Programme “Innovative Power Industry – Energy Agriculture”.
  • The initiative of making amendments to the Act on fertilizers and fertilization in the scope of utilisation of post-fermentation residues from biogas production for fertilization purposes.
  • Numerous initiatives of proposals for the assumptions of the draft Act on Renewable Energy Sources implementing Directive 2009/28/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.

We have conducted numerous consultations of strategic documents and legal acts, in particular:

  • The National Renewable Energy Action Plan
  • Directions of Development of Agricultural Biogas Plants in Poland between 2010 - 2020.
  • The Energy Policy of Poland until 2025 and until 2030.
  • Implementation Programme for the Energy Policy for Poland.
  • The National Development Plan and the National Cohesion Strategy for the years 2007 
  • The “Infrastructure and Environment” Operational Programme for the years 2007-2013.
  • The Guidelines of the Ministry of Regional Development on the implementation of the Operational Programme “Infrastructure and Environment”. 
  • Opinion of the government on the Green Paper of the European Union and the package of directives „3x20”
  • Directions for Development of Agricultural Biogas Plants in Poland between 2010-2020 (Innovative Power Industry – Energy Agriculture).
  • Directives of the European Parliament and of the Council.
  • European Council regulations.
  • Acts and executive regulations to acts concerning the market of energy from renewable sources.

We have received numerous interpretations of respective organs, which were favourable for entrepreneurs, including the interpretations of:

  • The Ministry of Finance on real property tax in relation to wind farms.
  • The Ministry of Economy and the Energy Regulatory Office on obtaining certificates of origin for the energy which is produced in RES and not introduced to the grid/network but used for entrepreneurs’ own purposes.
  • The President of the Public Procurement Office on not qualifying RES investments as sector procurements.
  • Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture and Food Management on technical requirements for agricultural structures and on their location.

We have organized numerous conferences and seminars as well as educational activities, including:

  • Two editions of Renewable Energy International Fair and Congress “Green Power”.
  • Competitions checking the knowledge about renewable energy sources among pupils and students.
  • Initiating, in cooperation with Łazarski University and the Military University of Technology, post-graduate studies on “Renewable Energy Projects - Investments and Management”.